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‘No. 552 Class’ 0-6-0 1882


7002 35GERS Collection 7002/035

For general goods work, Bromley produced the ‘No. 552 Class’ 0-6-0 tender engines in 1882. These ten engines were built by Kitson & Co. and were most unusual in having their footplating raised entirely clear of the wheels, as seen here. Bromley was replaced as Locomotive Superintendent by T.W. Worsdell at the same time as these engines were built, and Worsdell produced his own 0-6-0 design (the Y14 class), which had smaller driving wheels, giving a higher tractive effort, and larger boilers. Later – under James Holden – the ‘No. 552 Class’ were given larger cylinders and new boilers. By this time, they were mostly relegated to ballast train duties.