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‘No. 140 Class’ 0-4-4T 1881


7002 42GERS Collection 7002/042

The ‘No. 140 Class’ were a series of ten 0-4-4Ts ordered by Bromley from R & W Hawthorn & Co. in 1880-1. They were intended to be a light branch line engine, being identical to his E10 class, but with shorter frames at the rear, and larger driving wheels. However, the metal saved by shortening the frames was almost entirely equalled by the increased weight of the larger wheels, and the engines were only a few hundredweight lighter as a result.

140 No 145LCGB Ken Nunn Collection H122
James Holden later took matters in hand with the ‘No. 140 Class’, and between 1890 and 1895 rebuilt all ten engines as 0-4-2Ts, with new boilers. These alterations made them more suitable for light branch duties, and they were withdrawn in 1903-5. This illustration is of No 145 at Yarmouth on 31st March 1902, in final condition.