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‘No. 245 Class’ 4-2-2 1879-1882

245-254, 600-609

700 0717GERS Collection 700 0717

The locomotive type for which Massey Bromley is best remembered are his ‘Bromley Singles’ of the ‘No. 245 Class’ The first ten of these express passenger 4-2-2s were built by Dübs & Co. in1879, with a further ten in 1881 by Kitson & Co. Shown is No. 246 in the makers’ photograph.

7002 124GERS Collection 7002/124

The Kitson engines of the class were slightly heavier than the Dübs examples, but appear to have had some problems with the frames. Between 1885 and 1888 they were given new front-end frames and cylinders with the valves between the frames instead of on top, as seen here. There was obviously no problem with the original cylinders and valves, as several sets were later used on the earlier engines. During the rebuilding new plain splasher sides were fitted, this modification being made to the earlier engines as well.