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How to find Sales List items in the Files Emporium

- and discover what you're missing!

To discover the Files Emporium equivalent of any printed item in the Sales List:-

  • Go to the home page of the Files Emporium and use the search box at the top. (You can also use the menu entry "SEARCH THE EMPORIUM")
  • Simply enter the Sales List order code in the box (e.g. M376, A2, JS5), press ‘Search’ and you will be taken to it.

There are several other files there, unique to the Emporium. To obtain a list of all these, enter the two words "extra files" into the search box.

Some of those files are available in the Sales List as part of a bundle on a CD: you can see if that is the case by looking at the detailed description of that file – if it is on such a CD, it will say so under ‘Specifications’.

Even where that is the case, however, on the CD you have to accept our selection of files. In the Emporium you can purchase just the ones you want and transfer them straight to your hard drive (or back them up by transferring them to a memory stick or a CD).

The CDs and DVDs in the Sales List may also be purchased via the Files Emporium. To find the one you want there, again just enter its code into the search box (L&C, GERM, etc).