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‘No. 200 Class’ 0-4-0ST 1872



This engine was purchased from Manning, Wardle & Co. in 1872 for shunting at Stratford Locomotive Works. It was purchased from stock, being one of Manning, Wardle's 'H' class outside-cylinder four-coupled saddle tanks. In 1876 the engine was given the name Chairman in painted lettering on the tank sides, and at about the same time it was fitted with an enclosed cab. In 1894 it became the property of the Works as 'WORKS A', and in the following year it was rebuilt with a new boiler and then, in 1897, the name was removed. Still later, it was fitted with steam brakes. It continued as Works shunting engine until replaced by B77 class 0-4-0T No. 210 in 1921. It was formally withdrawn the following year.