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Until now we have been responsible to HMRC for VAT payments on our sales. Our annual turnover is far below their threshold value, however, so there is no need to register with them.  Simple.

I have now received the scans of this magazine from 1910 to 1922, and I can assure you that Book Scan Bureau have done us proud - they are excellent.

My copy of Journal 159 arrived today, so I've just updated the index to Journal 101 onwards in order to include it.

The huge increase in postal costs a couple of years ago meant that it was no longer economic to provide a postal service for the large plans and drawings that had been a feature of the Sales List.  I don't think everyone is aware that it is still possible to acquire them, though.

The Railway and Travel Monthly was published by George Nokes (‘G A Sekon’) when he left the Railway Magazine following a disagreement. The first issue appeared in 1910.

Two new CDs and six new printed Information Sheets will be on sale at the AGM.

I have produced a series of extracts from the Railway Magazine during the First World War and the period straight after that. Some relate directly to the GER, others illustrate the effects the war had on railways and on the people of this country in general.

Our latest release is a digital scrapbook of local press cuttings from the period 1919-1931, mostly from the Eastern Daily Press with a few from the Norwich Mercury.

The focus is on the United bus company (the forerunner of Eastern Counties in the area), but these cuttings relate to other transport matters too, including the Norwich trams and the GER/LNER, plus some adverts which give the flavour of the times.

Ian Strugnell and Peter Boyden have supplied me with three new sets of Minutes Summaries.  These will be published at the AGM as new Information Sheets M461, M462 and M464.

Thanks to Rodger Green, I now have an updated text which forms the basis for the fourth edition of the Caught in the Web archive. This will be available as a CD from the date of the AGM. 

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