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The situation regarding new Sales items at Norwich is now clear, and here is an update to the article in the latest GE News.

 Ian Strugnell has been busy summarising more of the GER Traffic Committee minutes, and since the AGM those from 1901 right through to 1914 have been added. These constitute no fewer than nine new Information Sheets. They are M518 (1901-2, £1.50), M519 (1903-4, £2), M520 (1905-6, £2), M521 (1907-8, £2), M522 (1909-10, £2), M523 (1911, £1.50), M524 (1912, £1.50), M525 (1913, £1.50) and M526 (1914, £1). The different prices reflect the number of pages: from 15 to 19 pages, for example, cost £1.50; and the biggest one has 25 pages.

They are also available as a single downloadable file in the Files Emporium. I have started a new file for a new century from 1901 – and it has already grown to 228 pages! It is MN026, and it costs £2.

I have updated the CDs for the GER minutes and for the combined ones. To remind you, if you have already purchased a CD and are investing in another one to serve as an update it will cost you only £3 (just GER) or £5 (combined). If you buy it via the Files Emporium, you can claim those prices there (though there is also P&P to pay as well, of course). Because they have a shelf life of only six months, I will be bringing just a single one of each to the meeting, so if you want one there you are urged to order it from me in advance by an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. then pay on the day.

Another new Information Sheet is L127 (£3). This is a copy of the hard-backed pocket handbook issued by the LNER in 1933 to give guidance to the crews of the new steam railcars (both Sentinel and Clayton) and the Sentinel shunters. The railcars were quite short lived, but the shunters lasted much longer – on Yarmouth quay, for instance, and at Lowestoft as departmental locos where they became some of the last steam in East Anglia. The handbook’s 68 pages of text are displayed four to an A4 sheet. At the back were ten large fold-out drawings to show the lubricating points of the various railcars and shunters, and these are included as full-page illustrations.

You may of course prefer to download the file from the Emporium. It is LM052 there (you can find it by entering into the Files Emporium search box that number, a key word such as Sentinel or even its paper equivalent’s number of L127). This will cost you only £2, and as a bonus that way you get included half a dozen relevant photographs selected from our sales list as well.

The new CD of News 141-180 is ready. That costs £5.

A pre-print edition of Journal 180 reached me in good time too.  Therefore there will be a CD of J151-180 (£5) and indexes in various forms – on the updated Index CD (which covers both J1-100 and J101-180, £3.50), a printed version covering J101-180 (N146, £3) and one for Volume 18 suitable for binding (N147, 80p).

On that subject, you may not be aware that NX032 in the Emporium is the cumulative index from Journal 101 onwards and I update that within a few days of getting a new Journal: currently it covers 101 to 180, but when the next issue appears it will extend from 101 to 181.

Another CD not previously advertised is WKN.CD (£4).  It contains a selection of GER weekly notices and weekly working timetables all issued between 1898 and 1914.  You can read about it here.


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