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The new items which will appear at the AGM have now been finalised (I think!  Any last-minute additions will be posted here).

There will be one new DVD ready.  This will be TA.DVD, the Transport Age (£10). This contains two little-known but very informative publications from British Railways in the 1950s and early 1960s.  The ‘Transport Age’ of the title was a glossy magazine aimed at business customers, illustrated with plenty of high-quality black-and-white and colour photographs, and all 33 issues are on the DVD.  An entirely different publication from the time was the British Transport Review, and its complete run of 40 issues is also on this DVD. This was much less lavish. It was academic in nature, intended to serve professional people involved in railway management. To see a lot more about the DVD in the Files Emporium, click here.

The CD of the re-modelling of Norwich in 1985-1987 ready for the coming of the electric service will also be available for the AGM. It is TRO.CD ('TRO' for Trowse) and costs £5. With a hundred colour photographs plus many contemporary reports, it provides a unique record of two years when Norwich Thorpe was transformed from something a Victorian would instantly recognise into how it is today.  Its entry in the Files Emporium is here

A new Information Sheet is T139 ‘Timetables for Selected BR(E) Branches, Summer 1960’ (£2.00). That was when the new dmus had become fully established.  The entry for its file in the Files Emporium (search for 'T139') lists all the branches included.

A second new information sheet is M501 ‘The East Anglian Railway’ (£1.20), a reprint from two articles in the Railway Magazine of 1909.

There are five new sheets of minutes summaries - M497 (1877, £1.50), M498 (1878, £1.50), M499 (1879, £2), M500 (1880, £2) and M502 (1881, £1.50).  These have all been added to MN024 in the Files Emporium and to File K on the CD, which covers the Traffic Committee from 1871 to 1881 and - at 422 pages - is now complete.  Subsequent minutes summaries will start a new file.

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