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      The full list of new items for Ipswich has now been finalised.

 The appearance of Journal 170 has resulted in several new things becoming available. There is firstly a new CD which contains the PDFs of Journals 151 to 170, intended to serve as an add-on to the DVD of Journals 1 to 150. (I’ve often been asked about the possibility of a new extended DVD. My answer has been that I do not envisage that until we are able to cover Journals 1 to 200. In the meantime my plan is to offer successive cumulative add-ons, so in due course a CD for J151 to 180 will come out and finally one for J151 to 190.) Clearly there is an overlap here for those who have already bought the previous add-on J151-160 CD, but this new one is still priced at just £5 which I hope is considered worth it to acquire a further ten Journals – and for anyone who has not purchased the earlier one, it is an absolute bargain! The previous CD also contained the five Journal Specials as a bonus: this one does as well, plus an extra feature for your money on the photographs recently added to Sales – some sample photos, and even PL003 on the B17s and B2s as an example of the files which have been produced using them. To sum up, J151-170.CD (£5.00) consists of those twenty Journals plus the five Journal Specials, file PL003 and a few photos; it also has the indexes to Volumes 16 and 17, and a contents list for all 170 Journals.

The other related items are all indexes in various forms. The main one covers Journals 101 to 170. In its printed form (N144, £3.00) it comprises 34 pages. It is also available as N144.CD (£2.50). It may also be worth reminding you of its equivalent download in the Files Emporium (File NX032, £1.50): this gets updated within a few days of the issue of every new Journal, and its description there tells you the current position –  it has already become an index for J101-171!

We were previously offering an Index.CD which covered that for J1 right through to J160. The new edition covers J1 to J170, but the price is unchanged at £3.50.

Also available now is an Index to Volume 17 (Journals 161 to 170). Its printed version is Information Sheet N145 (80p). For the same price on request I can supply one which is more appropriate for binding purposes (but it will be essential to pre-order if you want one at the meeting), and this is the version you can download from the Emporium for 50p (File NX052).

A completely different new Information Sheet is M494, which provides a copy of a booklet from 1950 giving the regulations applicable to tickets and passengers’ luggage. It is what is referred to on the back of a ticket when it says it is issued subject to terms and conditions. This costs £1.50; the corresponding file in the Emporium (RC044) is 60p.

The minutes summaries keep appearing, as ever. At the moment the new ones cover the GER Traffic Committee and extend from July 1872 to December 1876. They are due to appear as seven new Information Sheets (M489 to M493 at £2 each, and M495 and M496 at £1.50). As an introductory offer, you can purchase all seven for £11.00. The Minutes CDs have been updated to include the new summaries (and because I keep only a small stock since their shelf life is only six months, it is important that if you want to purchase one at Ipswich you let me know in advance by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  The corresponding File MN024 in the Emporium has been updated too.

     All those items are in the Files Emporium, of course (apart from N144.CD, because you can download a more recent version of the file on it as NX032).  To find them quickly there, go to the Emporium's home page.  Click on the big blue 'Search the Emporium' button and enter the Sales List code (M494, or whatever).  They are always cheaper than the printed Information sheets.  Thus all seven new sets of minutes appear within the 299 pages of file MN024, which costs only £2.00.

     If you are ordering from the Sales List (by post or via the on-line order form on the website), please remember to add something towards post and packing.  For a CD this is £1.20; for printed items it is 20%, minimum £1.20.





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