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The new sales items which will be available at the AGM on 18 March have now been finalised.

  Pride of place must go to REP.CD (£10). This CD looks splendid and runs well. It has been professionally scanned and produced. On it are the directors' reports to the shareholders of the ECR, the GER and the LNER: dates range from 1837 to 1948, and there are well over 3600 pages. They all come from our own Collection - the only others we know of are the ones held at the National Archives. Thus it makes a valuable and rare resource readily available. You are advised to consult its entry in the Files Emporium, which gives much more detail - you will find it here.

As far as printed Information Sheets are concerned, the new ones will be:-

M483, M484 and M485 (£2 each), which are three further instalments in the minutes of the GER Traffic Committee. Between them they cover the period from February 1871 to July 1872. Each of the three is very well filled with summaries which are of the high quality we have come to expect from Ian Strugnell.

M486 (£2) is a reproduction of a very informative book on trackwork topics which BR produced for its gangers, sub-gangers and lengthmen in 1952.

M487 (£1.50) is an index of GE-related items that appeared in selected volumes of the Railway Magazine. It was compiled by the late Geoff Pember and covers 1937, then 1939 to 1944 and 1954 to 1969.

M488 (£2) contains guidance which the LNER provided to its staff concerning air raid precautions, and is dated 1 December 1940.

All of those are also on offer in the Files Emporium, where they are cheaper and available for instant download.  You should go to the home page of the Emporium (here). Click on the blue 'Search the Emporium' button on the left and enter the code given above (M486 or whatever), then click the blue 'search' and you will be taken straight to it. The minutes summaries will not be available until just before the meeting, but the other three are available now.

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