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For the Marks Tey meeting there will of course be some new Information Sheets.

One is M480 (£1.50), entitled ‘Instructions for Train and Traffic Control’. It was published by the Railway Executive in April 1950, and was an early attempt to get all the pre-existing separate controls working together; it therefore dealt more in broad principles than in precise details as to how these were to be achieved.

Another is M481 (£2.00) which provides copies of regulations issued by the Borough of Great Yarmouth between 1871 and 1902 relating to the town’s tramways. The quay tramways of the GER are included, and so too are those of the M&GN and the town’s trams.

Ian Strugnell has been busily summarising the minutes of the GER Traffic Committee, and his labours have given rise to no fewer than five well-filled new Information Sheets – M476 (£1.00), M477, M478, M479 and M482 (£2.00 apiece). Between them they cover dates from February 1868 to January 1871.

All these are now included on the CD of GER minutes summaries and on the combined CD which includes the ECR minutes as well. To remind you, once you have purchased a first copy (at £10, or £15 for the combined CD) you can buy a new one as an update at the reduced price of £3 or £5 respectively. If you are considering investing in one of these at the meeting, it is particularly important that you reserve your copy in advance – their shelf life is a mere six months between meetings, so very few copies are held in stock.

NRW.CD (£3.00) is a new CD that will appear at Marks Tey. It contains 25 black and white snapshots taken at Norwich Thorpe in the 1950s. All are of locomotives, sometimes near the turntable and sometimes on approaching or departing trains. Only one was taken in the station itself. Informative captions have been added, and so too have a pair of maps to illustrate the locations of the shots. 

If ordering by post all the prices above will incur a postal supplement of 20%, minimum £1.20. It may be worth reminding you of the Files Emporium, where starting prices are lower and files may be downloaded instantly with no postal surcharge. You can locate the equivalent file speedily by clicking on the big blue ‘Search the Emporium’ button and entering its Sales List code (M480, or whatever). The minutes summaries are available in complete files as on the CDs, so all the new Information Sheets will be added to what is now a huge 459-page file of GER Traffic Committee minutes.  The snapshots of Norwich Thorpe are there as a downloadable file, so a search for NRW.CD will lead you to that file.

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