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The Files Emporium is about to be expanded to include photographs.

These are something which the printed Information Sheets are unable to handle effectively, but which lend themselves to viewing on screen.

There will be two photographic sections - PL which are mainly of locomotives, and PP which show places. There is of course an overlap: a locomotive will be at a particular location, and a photograph of a station may include a train. Nevertheless it is felt that the distinction may prove helpful when it comes to browsing.

Anything priced at around 30p or less which is purchased on its own causes the Society to make a loss, because of how the PayPal fees are worked out. To keep prices low, therefore, the intention is to offer them in sets. Thus file PL001

PL001 Norwich Thorpe in the 1950s

PL001  Norwich Thorpe in the 1950s
Price £2.00

which is now available has 25 snapshots taken at Norwich Thorpe in the 1950s and is priced at just £2.00, which works out at only 8p a photo (and includes the added benefits of captions and a pair of maps to show where the shots were taken).  It does illustrate the overlap between the sections, since each picture shows a little of Norwich Thorpe at that time - the Carrow Road turntable, for instance, or a glimpse of platform 5 at the station; nevertheless it was the photographer's intention to take snaps of the locomotives, so it has been placed in Section PL.

There are currently two files in Section PP, each of which has been available previously.

PP001 Sudbury 1960-1985

PP001  Sudbury 1960-1985
Price £1.50

PP001 covers Sudbury station and PP002

PP002 Southminster in the 1980s and 1990s

PP002  Southminster in the 1980s and 1990s
Price £2.00

is of Southminster. These were both included on CDs of scale drawings, but if the photographs are your main interest you can now purchase them on their own more cheaply, and download them immediately.

Our members Richard Adderson and Graham Kenworthy have very generously offered their photographs to be scanned and made available to others and so shared in this way. That is a task I am just embarking on, but please be patient because it will take a while - they have a huge collection!  Eventually however the result will be several more files in both sections.


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