For enthusiasts and researchers of the Great Eastern Railway

The list of new items which will be available at the AGM at Brentwood on 19 March has now been finalised.

Completely new Information Sheets are:-

L126  (£3.00)  Locomotives of the ECR 1838-1860.  An important piece of new research by our member Peter King. They are supplementary notes to the series of Locomotive Magazine articles in L104-L108 and L110 – adding to what they contain, clarifying some of the points in them and correcting a few of their errors. This work is already on offer in the Files Emporium (to see it, click here) but, because of its importance, it is now being made available to those without computers. In the process, however, the 53 pages of the file have had to be compressed into a tiny font to make it manageable.

M474  (£1.00)  Operating the railways around Cromer in 1908. You can read more about this in the description of its file in the Emporium (TO037).

M475  (£3.00)  The Eastern Union Railway. This is also already in the Files Emporium as RH036. You may prefer the file because of the better quality of the photographs (and its price of only £1.50!).

The series of GER minutes summaries has also been extended by four new Sheets:-

M470  (£2.00)  Traffic Committee July 1866 to January 1867.

M471  (£2.00)  Traffic Committee February to June 1867.

M472  (£2.00)  Traffic Committee June to November 1867.

M473  (£1.00)  Executive Committee from October 1867 to January 1868.

In the Files Emporium the individual minutes sheets do not appear: instead they are arranged in files as on the CDs  The first three are now part of the 305 pages of file MN016 (GER Traffic Committee 1862-1868). The fourth one is unique and forms file MN023 on its own - if you look at its description there, you will see why.

There is no major new item of software, but LM.CD appears in a new edition which now includes the 'Locomotives of the ECR' above plus File LM031 which gives correspondence with Editors of the Railway Observer in the early 1950s describing first-hand knowledge of the GER and of its locomotives in France during World War One. Its price remains at £7, but if you have already bought an earlier edition and now wish for this one as an update you need pay only £4.

Likewise the CDs of GER Minutes and the Combined Minutes have now had the latest summaries as listed above added to them, and the rapid-search indexes have been rebuilt to include them. It may be worth reminding you that the CDs cost £10 and £15 respecively, but if you are purchasing them as an update for an earlier CD you can declare this when you place your order and you will be charged only £3 or £5. You will not want to do that after every meeting, but it is something that may be worth considering every two or three years.

Since the shelf life for stocks of these CDs is a mere six months before new editions appear, to minimise wastage only a very small stock is held - so if you are intending to purchase one at the meeting you are urged to let me know in advance by an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to avoid the risk of disappointment.



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M470      £2.00    Traffic Committee July 1866 to January 1867.

               M471     £2.00    Traffic Committee February to June 1867.

               M472     £2.00     Traffic Committee June to November 1867.      

          M473          £1.00     Executive Committee from October 1867 to January 1868.

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