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The new items which will appear at the AGM have now been finalised (I think!  Any last-minute additions will be posted here).

This is the title of an interesting new book which has been brought to my attention.

      The full list of new items for Ipswich has now been finalised.

The new sales items which will be available at the AGM on 18 March have now been finalised.

Our platform for selling scans of photographs has now gone 'live'.  Do take a look.  You'll find it under 'Sales'.  Just click on the tab 'PHOTOGRAPHS NEW!'

For the Marks Tey meeting there will of course be some new Information Sheets.

The Files Emporium is about to be expanded to include photographs.

It is not feasible to list here all the large number of new files added to the Files Emporium (you'll find how to keep abreast of them two articles back), but this one may be worth a special mention.            

All the Information Sheets in the Sales List have their counterpart in the Files Emporium. In addition the Emporium contains a large number of files which do not feature in the Sales List. It is simple to discover which ones they are.

New digital files exclusive to the Emporium appear frequently. To keep in touch with the latest issues, go to the main home page on the Society's website.