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The North Eastern Railway Association (NERA) was formed in 1961 to cater for all enthusiasts interested in the railways of north eastern England, the North Eastern Railway, the Hull & Barnsley Railway, their successors, and also the smaller independent and industrial railways that operated alongside the main line system. Our web site is at .

What do we sell?

Our own books and facsimile reproductions.

How can I find out more?

Please go to our web site and select ‘Shop' on the top menu, or to go direct to our Sales Page, click here.

How do I make a purchase?

NERA publications are available at selected exhibitions or by post from the Sales Officer, John Allen, Fir Tree Cottage, Ulgham, Nr. Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 3AW. Cheques should be made payable to the 'NERA'.

A few examples of what is available

LNER Engine Diagrams (LNER and ex-NER classes)


This two volume set of LNER diagrams covers tender and tank engine classes introduced or rebuilt by Gresley, Thompson and Peppercorn. Also included are diagrams issued to cover ex-NER classes. Besides covering the well known classes the diagrams cover many of the variations in boiler and tender design to be found on LNER and NER classes. Rarities such as the P2 (in both forms), B17 streamliner, the C9 (in booster and non-booster form), D20/2, U1 Garratt, and W1 (as Hush-Hush and as rebuilt) are also included. The diagrams comprise a side and end elevation with leading dimensions and weights annotated together with a table giving leading particulars for the grate, firebox, boiler, tubes, axles, springs, cylinders, motion and power. The price by post is £12.95.

Standard Railway Equipment – Permanent Way, 1926


A 94 page facsimile reproduction of the 1926 book of permanent way track standards using 95lb B.S. rail. This book of scale detailed plans and drawings show full timbering and chair details for turnouts, crossings, switches and slips as well as drawings of individual components which made the point-work of the period. Details of check-rails, stretcher-bars, chairing for Waybeams are also included. Price by Post: £7.50


Robert Stephenson Railway Engineer by John Addyman and Victoria Howarth


This book (published jointly by us and by the Robert Stephenson Trust) describes Robert Stephenson’s main achievements and his significant influence in the design and building of locomotives and railways for Britain and for other countries. His influence on the development of the locomotive from the crude products of the second decade of the nineteenth century to the capable machines of 1840s is fully covered in Chapter 3. The difficult and unprecedented bridges over the Tyne, Menai, Nile and St. Lawrence are described in Chapters 5 to 8.

This 176 page A4 size publication is printed on gloss art paper throughout with a casebound colour cover. There are in the order of 110 monochrome photographs and line drawings together with 4 pages of colour illustrations. ISBN 1-873513-60-7.

Retail Price £15.95, price by Post within the U.K. £20.95.



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