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LM033 Exhaust Steam Injectors, undated c.1910

LM033  Exhaust Steam Injectors, undated c.1910
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NEW APRIL 2017.   This is a brochure describing Metcalfe's Exhaust Steam Injector (made at their injector works at Romiley near Manchester England). It is undated, but appears to be from roughly 1910. It was printed on good quality paper which is showing its age - there is a little decay and some foxing of the pages, but all the contents are fully readable and so have been preserved.

A boiler needed frequent replenishing with water to replace what had been turned into steam, but because of the high pressure inside this had to be forced in. That was the purpose of an injector. Some of them worked off 'live' compressed steam, but this one worked off the exhaust steam which was otherwise going to waste. It was therefore billed as 'the most economical method of boiler feeding' and claimed a 15% economy in coal and water.

The booklet was aimed at professional locomotive engineers, but assumed they had no special knowledge of exhaust steam injectors. Its 24 pages therefore describe their advantages and explain how they work and how they would need to be fitted in a locomotive. It concludes with their working instructions, and mentions two potential troubles with them and the consequent necessary maintenance. There are three photographs of locomotives that were fitted with them (GNR, GCR and GWR) and four drawings of how they work.

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Pages 25
File Size (MB) 5.8

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