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Thanks to input from the GERS, the Disused Station website has included several articles on stations along this long closed line. Follow the links about 3/4 down the page here.

I have now introduced a sub-heading under this News blog to give members information on the publication dates of the Journal and News.

Peter Walker


Journal production update for members from Geoff Ashton

Peter and I are frustrated that we have been unable to meet our intended schedule, but we have been dealing with some further significant setbacks.

The sudden death of Andy Rush at the age of 68 was a considerable blow and has given rise to a lot of extra work in transferring all his books, records, photographs and extensive database, which are essential reference sources for the editorial team. Just as we were dealing with all of this, both Peter Barham and I suffered distressing family bereavements giving rise to substantial travel and other demands on our time. Peter also has a full time job and we both have other family responsibilities.

Very few articles arrive 'oven ready', so the editorial team spend a lot of time finding maps, photographs and diagrams, cross checking details and making sure that what we publish is as accurate as possible. To ensure that members get value for money, we have also taken a policy decision not to reduce the number of pages in each Journal just to catch up.

J156 completes production for Calendar Year 2013. We are now striving to complete subsequent issues at less than three monthly intervals until we have completed the catch up.

To help speed up production, we would be pleased to hear from anyone able to support the core members of the team with first hand experience of publishing software,particularly Adobe InDesign.

In the meantime your continuing encouragement and support are much appreciated. Geoff Ashton & Peter Barham

8th May 2014

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