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Many members have access to Internet banking which allows money to be transferred easily from your account to that of the Payee.

The GERS is happy to accept payment of subscriptions by this method. To do this you usually only need the Society's bank sort code and account number, which are:-

Sort Code: 60-18-01

Account Number: 34948317

However, for fraud prevention purposes, you may be asked for the name of the account. Our business account is in the name "Great Eastern Railway Society".

You should quote as your Payment Reference your surname followed by your membership number, e.g. "SURNAME 1234"

In order to assist the Membership Secretary and Treasurer, we would ask you to complete this form after you have made your payment as confirmation.

*Required information.
Bank Transfer
Your full name * Enter your full name
Date you made the transfer * Enter date. Use button for drop-down calendar.
Amount transferred * State the amount in £ you transferred - e.g £25 (membership)
Payment reference you used (ie Surname and Membership No) Enter here exactly what you entered in the Payment Reference details of the transfer.
Payment was for Use drop-down list
Payment purpose (other) Please state reason for payment if not covered by above drop-down options
Any other message to us Anything else
Your e-mail address * In case we don't receive your money as expected, we may wish to contact you.

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