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50ft full brake details 6 months 1 week ago #665

Good Afternoon,

I'm hoping to find a bit of info on D528 and D535 50ft full brakes. I know there's not much information readily available but I'm hoping the combined wealth of knowledge here can help! Apologies for the rambling but I've been trawling photos, journals and so on and been adding to this while I do it - feel free to jump to the questions at the end!. 

So far as I understand it, two 528s were built in 1907 for the Norfolk Coast Express (one of which was written off in 1913), and four "identical" to the 528 D535s were then built for regular use in 1908. The 535s were converted for use in Ambulance trains for WW1, which involved removing the interior bulkheads etc. I put identical in quotes as there would appear to be differences with the braking and lighting.

It starts getting fuzzy now - was the sole remaining D528 also used on ambulance trains? From what I can tell 3 of the D535s returned to their previous usage although one didn't have its Bostwick gates reinstated.

So the LNER inherited four of the same basic design (there were others but they are 54ft?). I believe I am correct in saying that the D528s were built with gas lighting - despite the rest of the NCE being electrically lit? I can't find what the D535s had originally but I assume they began with gas as two of the three are marked as having electric lighting at some point before 1948.

I *think* the D528s would have had just Westinghouse brakes when built but at some point the survivor was dualed - and all of the D535s are marked as dualed at some point, even the one that didn't return to its previous diagram number - presumably these at least were done before being put into war service?

Two of the D535s (not the one without the gates) are marked as having electric lighting. Is there a way of tracking down when this work would have been done?

My questions - 

1) was the surviving D528 pressed into war service?
2) were the brakes dualed on both diagrams at the time they went into war service (if the 528 wasn't, when was that done)?
3) did the surviving D528 ever get electric lighting or did it remain gas lit?
4) is it known when the lighting was changed on the ones that were?

Thank you - I'm trying to build two OO 50ft full brakes and as there were so few I want to try and get them reasonably accurate.

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