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Journal and News 7 months 1 week ago #621

The Journal and News arrived this week and what excellent publications. 

If I had produced a News of this size, quality and with colour when I was Editor, the Society Treasurer would have had heart failure, as it was, I got a slap on the wrist for Journal 9 which exceeded the budget.

The choice of Journal cover is interesting. When I produced an issue which didn’t have a GER period cover photograph I was taken to task by several members saying we are the GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY SOCIETY, not the LNER or British Railways Eastern Society.  Suffice to say all subsequent Journals I produced had a GER period photograph on the cover!

In respect of costs, the Editor’s remit was to try and distribute to members a Journal at the AGM in March and the Half-Yearly Meeting in October, which given the size of the Society in those days, 100 fewer Journals to post was a good saving and this set the nominal Journal cover dates of January, April, July and October. 

I note we now seam to receive both the News and Journal in one package. 

The prime reason for the News was notification to members of the AGM in March and Half Yearly Meeting in October.

Therefore, the News had to be sent out a few weeks before the meetings, setting the pattern of trying to send out alternate magazines at roughly 6/7-week intervals. This was also useful for adding flyers for events, etc, rather than 12/13-week intervals with combined distribution. 

With the content of the News moving into historical articles, production quality the same as the Journal, and being issued at the same time, perhaps its time to merge the publications, but issue them eight times a year?

Finally, congratulations to both Editors. Having been both GERS Journal and News Editor in the past, I know the effort required to produce the magazines.

Paul Goldsmith (042)
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Journal and News 4 months 3 weeks ago #671

It is Xmas Eve here, just a quick query if I may?
I received the latest News about a week ago, on its own. Often it comes together with the Journal, but not this time. I'm just wondering if this is correct, or have I missed getting the Journal? No rush on my part, always look forward to it, don't want to miss a copy.


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Journal and News 4 months 3 weeks ago #672

The Journal is dated January and will be dispatched after Jan 5th by the printer. We don't always send them out together, in fact some people prefer them to be spread!

Peter Walker

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