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Files Emporium Instructions

This is a summary of the shopping process:

  • Browse or Search to find the product you want
  • Add it to the Shopping Cart
  • Checkout and Pay
  • Download files that are downloadable - others, including discs, are posted to you.

This header appears at the top of each Emporium page:

 emp header

My Account is where you will be able to download any purchased files and change your personal details, as well as see a history of past orders. Shopping Cart takes you to a page where you can see the full details of what is in your cart and Checkout starts the process of providing sufficient details about yourself and paying for the items.You will be asked to set up an Account, if you have not already done so and this simplifies subsequent purchases.

To search for a product, use the Search box on the next line or the blue box in the left hand menu bar. Fill in the search box and click the blue Search button. You can restrict searches to one Category of products. The result is a list of products relating to your search word or phrase.

As well as searching for a product, you can also browse the Emporium. First click on one of the Categories in the left hand grey menu box. On the next page, you will see a list of products in that category in Order Code order. A thumbnail picture and part description is also shown. Click the title or picture to see the full details of the product. (You can directly add to the Shopping Cart here, but it is best to do so on the detailed entry to see all the information and select options where applicable.)

The detailed product box shows the 'Brand' which is used to distinguish between downloadable files, other files and physical CDs/DVDs. Product code is repeated (it is also prefixed to the product title) and below that is the price and Add to Cart button. If the product has any options which need to be selected, these appear above this Cart button as two or more 'radio buttons'.

Above the main product description text is a series of tabs: Specification provides more details about the product, such as file size and whether also available on paper or a disc. Reviews will show any reviews of the product that have been submitted, while Related Products will show some carefully selected items that you may also be interested in.

Advice on the Shopping Cart

On the main page, a summary of the number of items in the cart and their value is shown in the black button to the right of the search box.

The shopping cart shows the items you have selected to buy. To remove an incorrect item, click the red cross next to the item. To adjust the quantity (in most cases you only need one, but it may say more if an order didn't go through and you started the whole ordering process again) click on the quantity box and overwrite the value with, say, 1. Now click the blue symbol with the two circular arrows to register the new value. If you don't click the blue symbol, the quantity will not be changed.

Note, if an order was not successful, it is generally not necessary to reselect the products: the Shopping Cart remains as it was until a successful order is completed. So to try the payment process again, you should be able to start with the Shopping Cart.