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Documents relating to the GERS Collection


pdf 1. Introduction

Download (pdf, 164 KB)


1. Introduction

This introductory document ("Accessing the Collection at the Essex Record Office") explains how to access and order documents from the Collection and provides information about copying.

pdf 2. Detailed Description

Download (pdf, 207 KB)

Detailed Description 2013.pdf

2. Detailed Description

This detailed description provides an introduction to the collection, information on new items in this 9th edition, historical background to the collection, general notes, and a detailed description of the catalogue.

pdf 3. Main Catalogue

3. Main Catalogue

This is the main catalogue to the Collection and is a PDF document with a fast embedded index, making word searches faster (Use Shift + Ctrl F).

pdf 3a. Catalogue Addendum 2020

This is a 2020 addendum to the main catalogue. It comprises a zipped file which includes the catalogue listing and schedules of the documents in both Word and Excel formats.

Archive 4. The Supplements

These are the Supplements to the Catalogue, zipped together in one file for ease of downloading. You can view a summary of the contents of the Supplements here and this information is also contained within the zip file.

Archive 5. The Appendices

The Appendices – summary of content:

Maps              Diagrammatic maps of system
Appendix 1      Relics transferred to other museums and collections
Appendix 2      Line codes in line order
Appendix 3A    Line codes in alphabetical order
Appendix 3B    Line codes in line order

Archive 6. The Indexes

In this zipped file are 8 files containing 7 'traditional' indexes of the Catalogue. These are: General, Lines, Stations, Timetables, Books (Alphabetical) and Books (Subject) and Periodicals. These may prove useful, esecially if the straight word search of the Catalogue produces too many results.

pdf 7. Copying

7. Copying

This file contains further advice about copying collection material.

pdf 8. Credits

8. Credits

These are the people who should be thanked for making all this possible.