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Privacy Policy

The Great Eastern Railway Society (GERS) is run by and for its members. This policy provides an explanation of how we use and protect the information that is gathered from you when you join the GERS and communicate with it as a member.

Information which is held by GERS:

When you join the GERS we collect your name and contact details, for example address, telephone number and e-mail address. We will also hold a record of when your subscription was paid and if you have signed a Gift Aid Declaration Form and the date on which this was completed. These details are retained for the duration of membership.

How does GERS use information?

The personal information we have asked you to provide may be used in a number of ways

  • To prepare a mailing list for the printer to facilitate easy dispatch of GE News and GE Journal
  • To print name badges for attendees at GERS meetings (AGM and Half-Yearly)
  • To allow key officers in the GERS to contact you if this should be necessary
  • To allow GERS to contact HMRC to make a claim for Gift Aid if you have completed a Gift Aid Declaration

Sharing information

GERS does not share the information it holds with any other organisation and it is only used for the purposes outlined above.

Access and Correction

You are entitled to request details of the information we hold and to ask for it be altered or corrected. You may also request that some details are deleted, if for example you no longer wish to be contacted by email or you no longer wish us to claim Gift Aid. To do this please write to or email the membership secretary.

Retention of personal information

If you decide not to continue with your membership of GERS we will not retain the personal details you have provided when your membership has ended. Normally this will be once it is clear that your membership has ceased (July in the year following the last year for which a subscription was paid as this is the time that replies to final reminders are received). When a Gift Aid declaration has been completed some information may be retained for longer in order to comply with HMRC rules.

Other websites

You may find links to other websites on the GERS website. This policy only covers the GERS and its website. For other organisations you need to check their privacy policies.