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PL - Photographs: mainly of Locomotives NEW!

PL - Photographs: mainly of Locomotives  NEW!

It must be stressed that the copyright in an original photograph generally still belongs to the photographer or to his family. The copyright in the actual file we have created from it belongs to the Great Eastern Railway Society. What we are offering for sale are just the images, for your personal enjoyment or information.

Sometimes the original photographer is not known, though we have taken reasonable steps to find out. With these ones we apologise if we have inadvertently infringed anyone's copyright ourselves. If that is the case, do please let us know so we are able to put things right.

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PL001  Norwich Thorpe in the 1950s
NEW AUGUST 2016. A set of 25 snapshots taken at Norwich Thorpe during the 1950s. What each picture m..
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PL002  March Locomotive Depot in 1955
NEW AUGUST 2016. A set of 20 black-and-white photographs taken at March locomotive depot in 1955. T..
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